Having signed Thierry Kremer as our new head coach, we can now confirm the rest of our personal for the upcoming season.
Our roster will consist of the same local players as last season with the addition of quite some young talent from our youth program. The only non-professional player leaving the team is Rebecca Johanns, who already left for the States. Many, many thanks to her for spending last season with us and being a great teammate. All the best to you moving forward, we know you’ll be just fine.
The big news though concern our professional players. In Frankie Wurtz we have signed a young and highly talented point guard from Green Bay University.
And as our second professional we chose to bring back our beloved Alexandra Williams who was a major factor in winning our first Doublé in recent years. She will be taking over from Leah Alexandria Scott to whom we also want to send a huge thank you! Legend has it that some of your opponents are still looking for you in our gym since you hit them with those Eurosteps.